Mechanical Seal MMS

The MMS seal can be installed no shafts from 100 mm up to 300 mm.

Equipped with multi springs which guarantee a uniform load and tolerance of axial and radial movement and vibrations. In emergencies, the worn parts of the MMS seal can be replaced with the semi-split component spare-part kit, without dismantling the shaft.

100 – 300 (mm)0 – 10 (m/sec)0 – 5 (bar g)-5 to 80(°C)
Optional pneumatic security system IDROSTOP
Connection for lubrication and cooling
Balanced stationary ring to reduce power absorbtion
Rotating ring in abration resistant anti-wear material
Self-aligning drive collar
Mobile positioners for easier and correct installation
Seal body in marine brass for improved safety and resistance
Springs in AISI 316 to tolerate axial vibrations and sliding

Gaskets in fire-resistant material

Mechanical Seal MUV-MUSV

The MUV and MUSV (split version) models can be installed no shafts from 40 mm up to 125 mm; in this cases the seal ring of the stationary element is in special graphite (Z31) and that of the rotating element is in chrome molybdenum steel (V1) or silicon carbide (U41).

On request seals can be certified by any of the major maritime institutions.

40 – 125 (mm)0 – 10 (m/sec)0 – 5 (bar g)-5 to 80(°


Optional pneumatic security system, IDROSTOP

Lubrication and cooling connection

Rotating ring in anti-wear material for better resistance to abrasion

Balanced stationary ring to reduce power absorbtion: available also in split version

Self aligning drive collar

Mobile setting plate for easy and correct assembling

Steel body in AISI 316 or marine brass for greater safety and resistance


Fire resistant gasket also available in split version
Spring in AISI 316 to tolerate vibration and axial run-out

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