A trim tab system has the crucial function to make the boat control easy and safe, by correcting the longitudinal balance at different speeds. 
A trim tab is none other than a movable extension of the hull, fixed to the lower edge of the transom on both sides, and it helps to improve boat stability in different sea conditions. The water flowing under the tab surface creates a pressure making it raise high up as much as the tab itself is pushed downwards. The result is that the boat stern raises until the best balance is achieved at different speeds. 
Each tab can be moved by one or two hydraulic actuators, depending on the necessary thrust due to the tab surface. 
Every trim tab can be moved individually at a time, so as to guarantee the boat stability and to compensate either the roll (transversal forces) or the pitch (longitudinal forces).

Electronic Steering

As a result of a long experience in the design and production of steering systems, the new World Yacht electronic steering is a technologically advanced system that lends the cruising pleasure an improved safety and ease of control. 
Follow-up electronic steering based on CAN BUS technology, it is an extremely reliable system thanks to the redundancy of several elements and it allows to control the boat in a comfortable and intuitive way in every sea conditions. 
Particularly recommended for displacement and semi-displacement hulls, it is a system that anyway offers a great flexibility of application and configuration with a variety of adjustable options. 
The steering also easily integrates and interfaces with auto-pilot and other control systems on board.

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