Marine Wipers and TV Lift

Gallinea has developed different features for its wiper systems.
In wiper systems using pantograph arms both engine's pivots are "active". In this way coupling is better, wear and tear is minor and synchronism on both shafts is better. Furthermore wiper blade is fixed on wiper arm through an adjustable flange permitting a simple and perfect blade’s alignment (in parking position) independently from the position in which engine’s pivots are placed. Noozle set is built in in front of wiper blade and Gallinea supplies also an electronic board which grants a perfect engine’s synchronism. They are available in different versions with different finishings.

Wiper arms are available in multiple editions, starting with EGO, which represents the top of our range, moving on to other series, Pro-Line, Classic, D-Namyc, MiniNRG, each of which can perfectly meet both the shipyard and the ship owner’s requirements. Every model of wiper arm is available both in single and pantograph version.

Engine’s range consists of 4 models: MINI-SMALL-MEDIUM-BIG, each of which available both in single and double drive, according to power’s requests. Engines are placed on a treated steel support; pivot is made in stainless steel AISI 316L and is available in different lengths. Engines are available in the two standard tensions: 12 and 24 Volt, both with isolated ground wire, double speed and service position.

Gallinea also provides a set of accessories, including electronic control units for engines management and connection to the on-board control unit.

All Gallinea’s products are entirely made in Italy.

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