Bosworth - 1-1/8" Foot/Check Valve

with Smooth Ends; Use with Model 400 Pumps Also called "Model 74" Check Valves. Use these check valves to keep your pump primed, increase pump lift or prevent backflow. Although set up as an inline check valve, these valves are often installed, as a foot valve, at the business end of a bilge pump hose to help maintain the priming water between strokes. The longer the suction hose, the more important having a foot valve becomes. The CV-0400D comes in a wide variety of end sizes and styles. Flapper valves are standard, but duckbill and umbrella valves also available, for a more positive pressure seal, by special order; inquire at 800-426-6930. • Creates and maintains pump prime • Doubles pump lift for Guzzler "400" Series pumps • Prevents fluid backflow • Durable, lightweight Acetal plastic • Models available to accommodate 1/2" - 1-1/4" hose • Available in wide range of end sizes and types • Compatible with Guzzler "400" series pumps
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